Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring on Maui

We don't really have season's here, it's either sort of hot, hot and really hot.  So I guess, early summer, summer and dog days of summer.

But to remedy not having a spring or even winter, I found these at Safeway!

I wished I had captured them with their yellow blooms, but you get the idea.  Some day I want a back field with Forsythia in the distance, and Red Bud trees on the edge of the forest!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And then there were four - Garden Beds that is

I put in one garden bed on the side of the house to see how it would work...I was concerned there wouldn't be enough sun.  And it worked, so I added in two more.  Then winter came, well at least Maui winter and the sun moved.  Not enough sun, just like I thought.

So, I had Bill build me one more bed, and I have been laboriously moving dirt, from one bed to the next.  I treat it like exercise...a little bit each day.  I enjoy getting sweaty, but I surely would not want to do this everyday for a living. 

This is me....moving dirt.

I guess I need glasses to see the dirt, although she is who is about to turn 50 says "I only need them for reading...."
This is my butt, moving dirt.

Now there are two beds!
And finally four. 

And here is a Lima Bean coming up.  Bill loves lima beans.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi Family

Lindsey and Jacob are excited to announce they are going to have a baby in August (not that it's about me or anything, but just in time for my 50th!).  Here, the baby is saying Hi!!!!  Hi Baby!

Yep, this girl........

And this boy.......